Motor Club of America (MCA) provides the opportunity for its associates to earn income by referring it's products to other people.


When you refer the Total Security, Total Security Gold, or Total Security Platinum Plan, the company pays you an advance commission of $80. As you can see, the plans have a monthly value of $19.95, $29.99 and $39.99 monthly so the company actually pays you up to a 400% commission on the monthly value of the product. 

This is an advance commission which is based on a membership of 17 months at approximately $4.70 each month.

The earning week runs from Sunday 12AM CST to Sunday 12AM CST.  Your advance earnings are paid weekly on each Friday via direct deposit on the week after the sales are made.

When logging into your TVCMatrix back office, you will find your sales by clicking on Associates and then Sales.  Between Wednesday and Thursday of your pay week, you will be notice your amount earned for each sale listed there as well as on the Associate Payments tab.  Payment will be sent to your bank during the day on that Friday.

When a member joins with a valid recurring payment method (bank-issued credit/debit card or EFT), you will be paid a one-time advance payment of $80. When a person joins with a NON-recurring payment method, such as a pre-paid or reloadable card, or if they have previously used the provided payment information with another account, you will only earn $9.24.  These types of payment methods have a low membership retention rate and therefore will only pay $9.24.  Over the next 17 months, you will be paid $4.72 each month for those that join using prepaid/reloadable accounts who still maintain and active membership.

The main difference is that when someone joins with a recurring payment method, you get $80 upfront (based on the $19.95/mo plan or higher)
If someone joins with a non-recurring payment method, you get $9.24 each month and then $4.62 each of the next 17 months.
Both of these will total the $80.

A data processing fee is applied to each check depending on how much you earn each week. $3 for up to the 1st $100 you earn up to a cap of $15 for sales of $401 or more.


In addition to your $80 first generation income, for sales made by your team, you will also earn override incomes on their sales; $6.00 on your 1st generation, $1.32 on your 2nd and 3rd generation, and $.66 on your 4th and 5th generations. These amounts are based on those people joining with a RECURRING payment method.

  • A New Associate in their first 3 months with the company.

  • Any Associate with at least 36 Personal Volume Credits in the previous month. To learn more about Personal Volume Credits and how they are earned, please read the MCA Training Manual starting on page 12 which can be found on the MCA Documentation page.

  • For any associate who has a personal referral who makes sales within their 1st 3 months

In order to receive your payments, you MUST set up direct deposit with the company. You can complete this Direct Deposit Form that you will need to complete and fax to our Associate Service Department at (405) 607-2500, allowing you to receive your commissions in your bank account by 12:01 am on payday. You can also call Member services at 866-467-2221 to set this up via phone.

Members who may many sales each month may also earn a Health Bonuses for having a certain number of sales on average each month.


Direct Deposit is required for all U.S. Residents. YOU MUST HAVE A U.S. BASED BANK ACCOUNT. Checks will NOT be issued for U.S. Residents


Payments will be paid via mailed check ONLY and now via PAYPAL.


When MCA pays you $80 (or more if you made many sales that week), they pay you an advance commission which is based on the person staying a member for 17 months at approximately $4.70 per month. ($79.90 rounded up to $80)

When someone cancels, they prorate the amount remaining out of a FUTURE PAYCHECK, they DO NOT TAKE MONEY out of your bank account or charge your debit/credit card.

If you don't earn anything that week, it will carry over as a debit balance until you earn money and the debit applied.

So let's say someone quits 6 months in, that would leave 11 out of the 17 months left... So if you made any money that week, you check would be reduced by 11 x $4.70 or $51.70. Again, it's money you never had, so you aren't losing, they still paid you for the time they remained a member.

Now if a person joins and quits the same pay week, it'll be as if nothing ever happened. You earned nothing, and you lost nothing.

Also, remember, they will NEVER reduce your paycheck by more than 50% in any weekly pay; the remaining amount will carry over into a future paycheck(s) as a debit balance until the debit is paid off, remembering, your check will never be reduced by more than 50% in any pay week. If you never make another sale, it will just be written off as a loss for the company.

Again, CHARGEBACKS do NOT take money out of your personal accounts, it's only reduced from future commission paychecks

IMPORTANT NOTE: If someone cancels during a week when you've made AT LEAST 5-15 Sales pending other potential bonuses, you WILL NOT be assessed a chargeback. The company will simply count it as a loss and you will have nothing reduced from your check. You will earn a CHARGEBACK BONUS. You will notice a credit to your pay details to negate and cancel the chargeback amount. SO if you make 5-15 or more sales per week, depending on other bonuses you may earn and at the company's discretion, you'll NEVER have to worry about it at all. If you and your team upgrade to PLATINUM, the income from the matrix will potentially negate this anyways and you won't even need to worry about any chargebacks.

The Bottom Line is MCA pays your for the time they were a member, be it just 1 month, 16 months, or for life. You will NEVER have to worry about being charged or owing money because of someone cancelling their membership. If the person who quit was in the matrix, they will be replaced with another member of the same membership level (platinum or gold)

If someone joined with a method which only earned you $9.24 (pre-paid debit/credit, repeat use payment method), your commission is being paid on them monthly at $4.62.  Since you are being paid month to month for these types of referral, there would be no chargeback assessed.

No matter HOW someone joined, via pre-paid, or a method that you earned full commissions, you'd still earn the same amount if someone were to quit from your team.


You can earn BONUSES each week/month based on your personal sales.

You can qualify for the Cash Winner Bonus each week.  This is based on your sales each month.  For the main product, the Total Security Plan, as you make more sales, the amount you are paid increases.  For 1-4 sales per week, you earn $80; 5-9 earns $82 each; 10-14 earns $84 each; 15-19 earns $86 each; 20-29 earns $88 each; and 30 or more sales in a week earns $90 commission for each sale (these amounts are based on those people who join with recurring on-going payment methods.  The amounts are slightly different based on the lower plans but roughly, it is equal to a 2.5% increase each level from the base cost.  ie, for the $14.95 plan, it would be $60, $61.50, $63...up to a cap of $67.50 for 30+ memberships each week

You can earn the Health Bonus by 1) having an active membership of $19.95 or greater and 2) average a certain number of sales per month.
$100 - 45 Memberships per Month - Average 11.25 Memberships per Week
$213 - 65 Memberships per Month - Average 16.25 Memberships per Week
$380 - 85 Memberships per Month - Average 21.25 Memberships per Week
$480 - 105 Memberships per Month - Average 26.25 Memberships per Week
$525 - 190 Memberships per Month - Average 47.5 Memberships per Week
$600 - 250 Memberships per Month - Average 62.5 Memberships per Week

For COMPLETE Payment details, please see page 12 in your MCA Training Manual



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